Drillout / Cleanout

DiverterPlus drillout products are temporary diverting materials used to improve circulation and drillout effi-ciency. During placement, DiverterPlus is a solid de-gradable polymer material capable of bridging across perforation tunnels near the wellbore. After successfully diverting fluid, the diverter is designed to hydrolyze to a clear, non-hazardous liquid. This process is driven sim-ply by time, temperature, and pressure in the presence of water meaning that no additional remedial work is necessary.

Design Advantages

  • Regain circulation in severe loss conditions
  • Blends designed for deployment through stick tubing, coiled tubing, and backside
  • Various deployment plans allow for tailored squeeze solutions, continuous circulation, or freeing stuck tubulars
  • Versatile hydrolysis times

Product Advantages

  • No additional deployment equipment
  • No remediation/cleanup operations
  • No hazardous or toxic ingredients
  • No fluid incompatibility

Standard Treatment Parameters

  • Concentrations: 0.125-0.5 lb. per gallon
  • Different product blends available depending on fluid loss conditions

Additional Benefits

  • Compatible with various BHA’s
  • Versatile Delivery and Packaging
  • Customers need not maintain inventory
  • Pressure not required to maintain sealing

DiverterPlus understands that every well is unique, and that every cleanout job requires a customized solution to achieve optimal results. We proudly stand behind not only our products, but also our ability to partner with customers in the design phase in order to develop a targeted diversion program that is tailored specifically to the job at hand. Employing our industry leading expertise will improve your efficiency and get you the best results possible, every time.