In 2006, St. Louis based thermoplastics distributor Jamplast Inc. began serving the needs of oilfield service providers with degradable diversion polymers. The marketing and manufacturing of these polymers grew and continued under the Jamplast name over the next decade.

In early 2017 DiverterPlus LLC was born as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jamplast Inc. to hyper-focus on serving the degradable diversion technology needs of the oil and gas industry in their demanding downhole operations. DiverterPlus provides a wealth of options and resources to best assist and educate energy producers in the use of degradable diverting technologies and solutions.

With the home office in St. Louis, MO, augmented by an Evansville, IN manufacturing and blending operation, DiverterPlus is uniquely equipped to quickly and effectively meet the diverting supply needs of operators anywhere in the country. Not only does DiverterPlus have a rapidly increasing ability to quickly supply operators with their diverting materials, the company has a large and expanding portfolio of degradable polymer solutions and educational resources to effectively cater to customer needs.

In the short time since its inception, DiverterPlus has already distinguished itself as a leader in degradable diversion technologies. The future of DiverterPlus is focused on current successes and working alongside oil and gas producers to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of diverting materials in downhole operations.